Double Rider, a rock trio from Siksika Nation, is performing at Strathmore Cultural Days. Hannah and Lennon Owl Child and cousin Erin Manyheads have been playing together for 10 years, a gig that started off in the basement with the instruments that were lying around from their parents and grandparents became something so much more to the trio, bringing the band Double Rider to life. 

"This one summer, we were like, let's test this out and see what we can do. Then it just kind of grew from there. We have been performing now for the past eight years or so," Hannah said

What pushed them to start the band was actually watching and being influenced by their parents, but the love of playing an instrument also helped them and drove them to want to play and start something.

The band is very excited that they have the opportunity to play for Strathmore Cultural Days as they haven't had too many gigs in Strathmore.

"This is the second time that we have ever played in Strathmore. The second summer of us playing as a band, we played at the Arts and Music Fest in Strathmore. This was around 2015 and I think 2016 as well and we have not played in Strathmore since," Hannah explained.

Two Siksika Nation members, who are working with the organization that is hosting Cultural Days, brought the band's name up and said that they would be the perfect fit to perform for Strathmore Cultural Days.

"It was one of my old schoolmates that brought the band up. I never talked about the band in high school because I was a little bit shy about it but now they're getting word of it and it's pretty cool. We're all adults now. We've all done our own thing and it's coming back full circle," Hannah said. 

"It's really cool having a cultural day itself and I think that a lot of people need that too, to kind of be with one another and to just enjoy a day of music, laughter, and fun," Lennon said. 

They will be promoting their new album as well as performing some cover songs for people who might not know who they are or the type of music that they sing.

"We will do a bit of classic rock, some classic country songs as well. So if people don't really know our music or haven't heard the album, definitely come out still cause we play cool covers and you'll be dancing," Hannah gushed. 

As for the future of the band, Lennon said that he would like it to go pretty far. 

"I'd like to play bigger venues eventually and draw a bigger crowd and I just enjoy playing at the moment, that's the main reason behind me doing what I do."

Hannah agreed by saying that a bigger venue is one of the main goals that the band has at the moment. 

"I think just across Canada especially we've had a few albums come out, some university radio stations across Canada have picked up a song or two as well. It is kind of a bit shocking when that happens and all I can think about is, 'Wow, we really have made it this far.'"

Double Rider says they are excited to see everyone for Strathmore Cultural Days and that they are planning to get back into the studio and record more music very soon. 

Double Riders' album 'Times of Day' with three EP songs that were released can be found on your favourite music streaming services. 

Double RiderHannah and Lennon Owl Child came into the 104.5 station to chat, holding up a picture of Erin Manyheads who couldn't make it. 

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