A group of community partners has come together to plan a series of free public events and activities for area seniors for Seniors’ Week in Alberta.

From Strawberry Tea to free admission to the walking track and soapstone carving workshops there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

We spoke with Mark Pretzlaff, Town of Strathmore Director of Community and Protective Services about why it’s important to recognize local seniors at this time.

“Whether they're in Strathmore or Calgary or any other region, seniors are a vital part of our community,” he said.

“They're parents, they’re grandparents, for some they are mentors and friends. They can either be also employees or employers and they really can make a difference in all our lives. For many of them they were part of what made Strathmore what it is today,” said Pretzlaff.

He said it’s important that the community come together to celebrate seniors, their achievements and their successes.

“COVID-19 was extremely hard on everybody as we know, but this demographic is definitely impacted. I think this is just a way for us to demonstrate that they're a vital part of our community.

We should support them and because they are the people that have the time to assist with charities and volunteering and or many of them, they're they're deeply involved in our community and their contributions make a huge difference,” he said.

Seniors’ Week takes place from June 6 to 12. All programs are free and no registration is required unless stated otherwise. Find a list of events at www.strathmorelibrary.ca/sw