The Strathmore High School JV Boys Basketball team will be defending the home nets in their invitational Friday and Saturday.  Looking to bounce back from a 57 to 48 loss to Strathcona Tweedsmuir School on Tuesday, they were faced with extenuating circumstances that left them shorthanded in the match.  Tanner Moss feels the team has come a long way, "Well I think we have been doing OK. We are getting more and more used to the chemistry of the team. We are doing better each and every game because we are bringing more energy, and figuring out how all the other players interact with each other.'

Their upcoming tournament will be a test for the young team to assert themselves as contenders within their league.  Connor Neufeld has a positive outlook on their chances, "I feel like we can do pretty well, yeah probably HTA then.  Play good defence run the offence, score lots of points."  This sounds simple but it is a strategy that has led to past success.

Bringing high-intensity energy to the court will help the team pull through and give them the drive to finish strong.  Power Forward Landen Folvik is determined to make it an even playing field, "Most of the teams are pretty close to our level, some we are at. We are within the point range and we should be ready to win."

The matches start this afternoon and will continue into Saturday where the champions will be crowned.