The Spartans JV boys Basketball team won gold at their home tournament this past Saturday (Feb 3). 

"Winning games against bigger schools like Burt Church was nice," expressed coach Andy Miciak.

Miciak explained that the team was hyped about coming in first.

"We didn't have a great start to the year in December. We had a tough schedule and I think being able to beat bigger schools this past weekend gives our team a lot of confidence heading into the next few weeks."

The team now is headed to Cochrane this weekend for a very important game.

"The first few games we play, it will kind of determine our seating and zones, and zones are kind of our ultimate goal as a team to perform well there."

Miciak said even though they are still riding the high from the win, they do have to get back on the grind.

"We have a couple of practices and just getting ready for the next team we play; we haven't seen them yet. So, we can't prepare too much for that specific team, but just getting in that mentality of getting back into it and having a good practice."

The Spartans JV boys Basketball team will be going up against the Bow Valley High School in Cochrane this weekend. 

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