There is no stopping the Strathmore Spartans Football Team this season as they yet again crushed another team. They beat Cold Lake High School 34-9 this past weekend. They are now 6-0 (7-0 if you include preseason games).

Head Coach Danny Warrack said that they had a real good head start with being 28-0 in the second quarter. 

"Our quarterback (Dylan Elliott) was on fire early; he threw 4 touchdown passes to four different receivers."

After that Warrack explained that it was the same old story with some team members getting into the same old penalty trouble, they even had a player get thrown out of the game for far too many penalties. 

"I don't really have answers anymore. It's one of those things that we've tried kind of everything and it's not working. I mean, at the end of the day, it's up to the players to figure it out and not get all of these penalties."

Warrack said that if they want to have a chance at going on a deep, deep run-in provincial, that they got to cut it out. 

"If they don't quit, I mean, their season is going to end pretty quick and that's as blunt as I can be about it."

As if this winning streak will continue and what the future will hold, Warrack says that they haven't beaten anyone really good yet, it's all just luck at this point and with Zones coming up at the end of October it is really going to determine the rest of the season.

The Spartans are going to be playing Holy Trinity Academy in Okotoks on October 27.

"That's a game to determine what seed you're going to be at for zone playoffs and they are a fantastic team to be playing."  

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