Since the closure of Strathmore’s Leroy’s Motor Inn, citizens have been anticipating what's next for the prime real estate location.

Chuck Procter, manager of development services with the Town of Strathmore, shared some exciting details on what's to come.

The Strath Point Shopping Plaza will be Strathmore's newest highway attraction. With over seven confirmed businesses and more to come.

Confirmed businesses include: Arby’s, Petro Canada, Starbucks, KFC, Busters Pizza, Cobs Bread, and Thai Express.

“Development is split into three phases, and currently we are on phase one, which includes the construction of Arby's, Petro Canada, and Starbucks,” Procter said in an interview.

Phase two will be the construction of KFC, Buster’s Pizza, Cobs Bread, and Thai Express. Currently, there are no confirmed businesses yet for phase three.

The businesses are set to open after their completed phase of construction.

Phase one of construction is expected to roughly be completed around the end of April, but builders can apply for extensions through the Town, so it is subject to change.

“We are hoping this attracts more people to stop in and visit Strathmore on their travels. Hopefully, it also sparks some more people to decide to live in the town,” Procter said.

The Town of Strathmore and the development team are eager for the new businesses to come.

“Whenever there's a new restaurant in Strathmore, it seems like that's the talk of the town. It gets people excited and passionate about a new place opening. Growing up here, I remember when the first Tim Horton's came to town, and it was all the buzz in the community. So, these new restaurants coming in are great,” Procter explained.

Procter credits former colleague Megan Williams for all her planning and dedication to the Strath Point Shopping Plaza.

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