President of the Chestermere Woman Crisis Society (CWCS), Morgan Matheson has won a Chestermere Citizen Award in Leadership & Innovation. 

"It's very humbling, I was nominated alongside some amazing people. It feels just amazing. I have to be recognized for all the work that's being done in the Community. However, I would be nothing without my team at CWCS," expressed Matheson. 

CWCS just celebrated its first anniversary in the City of Chestermere to help vulnerable men, women, and children navigate the challenges of life. 

"We have an emergency accommodation. So that's an emergency shelter for customer residents. We also have a 24-hour crisis line that's completely operated by volunteers. We help out in the community with things like court support, legal aid, and housing support."

Matheson said how CWCS is big with advocating support and finding resources for people within the community. 

"We help around one female and her family once a week and that is already one too many."

If CWCS is overfilled and unable to take on some people into the emergency shelter, they often look to True North formally the Wheatland Crisis Society for help. 

"They've been a great resource for us. So, if we ever have any questions, we can call them like are we doing this right or what are the next steps here. They help facilitate us if we can't take someone into our shelter." 

Matheson and CWCS were presented with a plaque at Chestermere City Hall to commemorate winning the award. 

The other winners of the Chestermere Citizen Award are as follows:

  • Leadership & Innovation - Morgan Matheson (Chestermere Woman Crisis Society - CWCS)
  • Outstanding Volunteerism - Mike Koroll, a.k.a (Dr. Giggles House of Pain Chestermere)
  • Community Building - Eric Sinclair (Eric's No Frills)

If you or someone you know needs an emergency shelter in Chestermere visit the CWCS website. 

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