According to the Town of Strathmore and City of Chestermere, water usage has increased over the past few days.

Staff with each region says despite that residents are doing quite well in conserving water.

This comes following a huge water main break in the City of Calgary that is still being fixed.

Work on the break was shut down on Wednesday evening as two staff were injured on the job.

The project was given the go ahead to resume on Thursday afternoon.

Strathmore and Chestermere have brought in Stage 4 outdoor water restrictions and voluntary indoor restrictions due to the break.

To do your part outdoors:

  • Washing down exterior surfaces unless required for health or safety.
  • Washing cars on driveways or streets.
  • Filling hot tubs, pools, or decorative features.
  • Using water for purposes such as grading, compaction or dust control.

To do your part indoors:

  • Shut taps off while brushing your teeth.
  • Wash dishes with only full loads.
  • Limit showers to three minutes or less.

Water usage reduction numbers from the town include: 

June 6: 3%

June 7: 23.8%

June 8: 32.5%

June 9: 24.9%

June 10: 27.8%

June 11: 27.6%

June 12: 24.2%

June 13: 24.9%

Chestermere has also implemented a voluntary water restriction and Fire Ban.

No word yet from the City of Calgary on when the water main break work will be finished.