On Thursday Crowther Memorial Junior High School (CMJHS) students celebrated the end of the rugby season with a BBQ.

During the event awards were handed out to students for their dedication to the sport.

Teacher and coach Wayne Hvingelby says the school rewards students that stick with rugby all three years from Grade 7-9 with the Iron Rugger award.

"We had six students this year."

As well, four grade 12 students returned to the school to receive an Honorary Iron Rugger award.

"I made a deal with them when they were in Grade 9, and I basically said to them if you play three years of high school in a row, I'll grant you an Iron Rugger award," said Hvingelby.

Four girls previously from Crowther went on to high school and managed the provincial championship three years in a row.

Hvingelby chatted with them to ask if they would come back and accept their award following a few years of hardships for the team due to the pandemic.

"Sure enough they showed up to the wind up and they were quite ecstatic to get their Iron Rugger award as well. It was kind of a heartwarming moment for them to still want it even after all these years," added Hvingelby.

This year’s Red Crow Honoring Leadership awards went to Jase Campbell and MJ Simons.

"Lori Red Crow approached me and said I'm interested in possibly making an award for people who do look out and show leadership qualities."

Red Crow is the mother of a former player and handcrafts beaded cougar medallions for the recipients of the awards.

Beaded medallion made by Lory Red Crow.Beaded medallion made by Lori Red Crow.

"Every year we choose the two Grade 9 students that best exemplify the leadership qualities and the family aspect we encourage with our rugby teams," says Hvingelby.

Hvingelby congratulated the team once again for a great season.