Jessica Sevick and her Women’s Double Sculls rowing partner Gabrielle Smith have made it to the Tokyo Olympics.  Sevick, from the University of British Columbias', hometown is actually Strathmore.

Right now she and her partner are in second place in heat two, which was yesterday. They are one place behind Team Romania with a time of 6:57.69, to Romania’s 6:49.79. Tomorrow at 9:30 p.m. they compete in the semi-finals with teams from France, the Netherlands, United States, Australia, and Germany.


The Town of Strathmore council is hoping to rally the community and create some sort of communications support for the local rower.

At the last council meeting Councillor Denise Peterson and Mayor Pat Fule had words of encouragement for the local athlete.

“I just would like to take a moment to offer congratulations to a local woman, Jessica Sevick, who will represent Canada in the sport of rowing at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo,” Peterson said. “And I’d also like to thank the Mayor for mentioning this on his Facebook page." 

"Jessica Sevick is the daughter of Doctor Karen Sevick and Brian Sevick and I thought it was just so remarkable and wonderful that when you look up you see Jessica Sevick's hometown Strathmore, Alberta. It's an amazing accomplishment for this young woman and I just want to wish her on behalf of all of our community success, and more success.”

“May she already have safety and all of our communities' best wishes in what she's accomplished and huge congratulations to her and her family,” said Peterson.

Fule said, “I had the good fortune of coaching Jessica in basketball for many years as a little girl and then on to high school basketball. She's an incredibly dedicated hardworking, an athlete who just always, always rises to the top. So I'm very very very proud of her.”

This year is Canada is sending its largest rowing team to represent the country in 25 years. In total, 29 athletes will be competing.

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