Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada. This day is used to celebrate the contributions and cultures of First Nation, Metis, and Inuit people.

Throughout the week leading up to the day the Town of Strathmore and its community partners have worked to offer programming about indigenous culture.

Circle Time Celebration was held this morning at the Strathmore library, Natasha Kavanagh and Sumeet Kalsi explained the purpose of the event.

“We’re here today to share seven sacred teachings and we're doing in a really early, childhood development focused way,” said Kavanagh. “We have these really fun illustrated stories written by Achilles Gentle and illustrated by Natalie Thiessen, and they just walk through all of the seven sacred teachings.”

Kalsi explained, “We hope that this reaches the younger audience and can introduce these very easy, friendly ways to learn about the seven sacred teachings that are passed down in the Indigenous culture.”

Last night members of the public attended a Blackfoot medicine session with Elder Pablo Russell at Chestermere-Strathmore Trellis Commons Family Resource Network where they learned about traditional Blackfoot medicines.

Elder Pablo RussellElder Pablo Russell

Chestermere-Strathmore Trellis Family Resource Network’s Shelly Wade participated in the session saying overall it was very positive experience..

The participants learned about traditional herbs and medicines. Pablo is a great storyteller and shared some great stories with the participants. They offered the opportunity to ask questions about herbs and where to pick them and where to find them. Also the proper way of picking herbs and how to dry them and their medicinal uses,” she said.

Wade says she doesn’t believe that the information is something that is common knowledge.

“Especially for the herbs that grow locally,” she said. Participants were also offered samples of medicinal teas, and a traditional meal of berry soup and frybread.

“Berries, of course were talked about in great lengths just because it's an important a food group for the Indigenous people, but also for ceremonial purposes,” she explained.

Tonight there will also be a paint night with Siksika Nation music artist Dwight Farahat at Trellis

In addition, last Saturday Trellis also hosted a traditional powwow called the Honouring Our Children powwow which was very successful at the Strathmore Curling Club. Activities during the day also included children’s activities, storytelling, and a hand game demonstration.

This year National Indigenous Peoples Day activities in Strathmore were created in partnership with the Town of Strathmore, The Strathmore Municipal Library, Strathmore FCSS, and the Chestermere-Strathmore Trellis Family Resource Network Hub.

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