Bylaw 24-02, amending the Land Use Bylaw 14-11 was passed at a regular council meeting on March 20.

This decision, made following the second and third readings during a public hearing, paves the way for the addition of secondary suites within existing dwellings.

The application to amend the Land Use Bylaw was initiated on Nov. 30 of last year with the proposal focusing on permitting a secondary suite in the basement of a single detached dwelling located at 318 First Avenue in Strathmore.

"The bylaw itself would amend and redesignate the lands from R3 to an R3 Direct Control District, so the base zoning would remain the same, but there would be special permission on the lands to add the secondary suite within the existing dwelling," said Glen Fergusen, senior planner with the Town of Strathmore.

Fergusen added that this is a site-specific redesignation; it would only apply to the lands at 318 First Avenue.

Mayor Pat Fule raised concerns about compliance with local construction and safety codes, to which it was confirmed that the property owner must adhere to building permit processes overseen by the Town of Strathmore.

The administration stressed the significance of expanding housing options in Strathmore, where single-detached dwellings dominate the housing supply.

By approving the amendment, the town aims to diversify housing types and increase the availability of affordable units, contributing one additional residential dwelling unit to the affordable housing stock.

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