You may have noticed the return of a familiar gang in town, as the Over the Hill Scooter Gang made its return to the streets and is cruising down our pathways.

Allan McKinnon had the idea to form this gang three years ago, and he has watched it double in size from four to eight members. Unlike some other unruly gangs that may strike fear into the hearts of anyone who dares to pass them, McKinnon said his gang is all about just having a good time.

"We have a lot of fun, Strathmore's got some of the most wonderful trails you could ever imagine, and you would never see them driving a vehicle. You never see the parks that we go through, so we really enjoy it," he said.

flagThese flags were made by somebody in the Lodge, which McKinnon is very grateful for

McKinnon said he feels lucky to be able to go out with his gang, as the Wheatland Lodge has been great in helping facilitate their adventures. Explaining that the Lodge bought sheds to put the scooters with access to power to charge them, McKinnon thanked the Lodge for making it all possible. He also thanked the Town of Strathmore for all of the pathways, which he and the gang enjoy zooming down.

The gang has limited availability, with only one more spot open, so if you want to join up you better do so soon! The scooter gang goes out on most days if the weather is decent, so you may see them and their flags on a street near you. 

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