Strathmore High School (SHS) brought back a beloved tradition that has been left in the shadows due to covid: the cake auction to raise money for cancer research returned this afternoon! This year, they raised $3138, which is incredible when you consider that all comes from cake sales!

Hundreds of students gathered for their first ever cake auction, and it was a busy but fun taste of what the cake auction is all about. SHS Principal Doug Raycroft said he was excited to debut the event for students after several years without it.

"We haven't been able to do it for a few years, so it's kind of a new thing again because of the pandemic, no one has actually been involved in a cake auction. But prior to the pandemic, it was a yearly thing that we were doing and it's a lot of fun. The students love it, staff love it and of course it's a great cause. Cancer affects us all in some way or another," he said.

Cake Auction WinnerExcitement from the first winner of the day!

The entire event is organized by the school community, as teachers, students, and students' families bring in cakes to be auctioned off. These can range from store bought cakes to home made cakes, some of which had pretty creative designs! There were around 30-40 cakes for sale this year, and with a student size of 800, it can get competitive, but it's all in good fun.

"We have around 800 students and they like to pool their money together to purchase a cake in the auction. So it's a lot of fun, and it's good for kids to connect with each other and have some fun. And then of course, all the money goes to for such a great cause," Raycroft said.

Cake and studentsThere was no shortage of competition among the students to win the auction

As for the students, Jada Macleod was excited to see what it's like, as this will be the first time any of the students have ever experienced the cake auction.

"It's pretty cool, we haven't had it because of covid , so it's really exciting to actually be a part of it. I know a lot of students have grouped together to buy a cake and all that, so I think everyone is pretty excited because none of us have ever done this, and we're all excited to see what it is, and I'm excited to see the energy of everyone," Macleod said.

Fellow student Emma Moore is also excited, and she explained her and Jada actually donated something for the auction themselves!

"It's very exciting, I'm happy we got to get together and donate our cupcakes, and it's exciting because we haven't had it since covid, so it's pretty cool to actually see it come to life because I know we've been talking about it for a couple of years."

Emma Moore Jada McleodEmma Moore (left) and Jada Macleod (right) with their cupcakes that were auctioned off

The day didn't end with the cake auction, as SHS also had their Terry Fox Run later in the afternoon, followed by some time to enjoy the cake they won! Overall, it was a great day full of fun and excitement, and with all the money being raised for a good cause, it turns out that you can have your cake and eat it too!

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