Excitement is growing as judges from the provincial Communities in Bloom (CiB) contest are coming to Strathmore in about two weeks.

It’s time to do what you can to spruce up the community so that Strathmore can make a great impression. Rob Pirie, president of the local Communities in Bloom committee explained that when Strathmore competed in 2018, they achieved five out of five blooms, in the competition. While Strathmore narrowly missing being the winner then, they’ve got another good shot this time around.

On August 4th there will be two judges from the competition touring the community. One judge is from the Calgary region and another from the Edmonton region.

Pirie explained that the Strathmore committee has organized a tour of the town working with their community partners like the Town of Strathmore, their parks staff and others.

“We’re busy getting ready. They're busy looking at our itinerary and of course, sprucing everything up. And we are of course working with the Town Council because at 9 am in the morning on August the 4th we'll have the judges at the town office to be welcomed and then from there, we'll conduct our car and walking tour throughout the town,” he said.

Members of the Strathmore Communities in Bloom committee are definitely excited he says.

“We're going to celebrate that evening a lot of the partnerships we have by hosting a supper at the Legion with the judges and of course, our various partners in our committee,” he said.

Strathmore Communities in Bloom is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that aims to foster civic pride, environmental responsibility, and beautification.

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