The Strathmore Junior Venom lacrosse team played the Medicine Hat Sun Devils on June 15. By the end of the match, Venom took down the Sun Devils.

The game started with an unassisted goal from Venom by Riley Gallant. The Sun Devils got a ten minute penalty for game misconduct during the period. Venom was able to earn two more goals by Rylan Jolly from Zack Cull, and Quaid Burkholder from Chase Penner with only a minute and a half left in the first. Before the end, the Sun Devils fought back and earned their first goal of the game before the period ended 3-1 Venom.

Venom dominated at the beginning of the second period with a four goal streak. The first by Riley Gallant from Parker Adams, two unassisted goals by Ryan Fleming and Quaid Burkholder, and by Riley Gallant from Rylan Jolly. The Devils were able to earn three goals before Venom broke their streak with a goal by Zack Cull from Quaid Burkholder. Venom was able to sneak in two more goals in the last minute of the period. The goals by Quaid Burkholder from Ryan Fleming, and by Riley Gallant from Quaid Burkholder secured Venom’s lead 10-4.

The Sun Devils kicked off the period with a three goal streak. Venom broke the streak with two goals by Rylan Volly from Riley Gallant and Zack Cull, and by Riley Gallant from Carson Gron. The Sun Devils earned a goal around the six minute mark of the period, which was closely followed up with a Venom goal by Riley Gallant from Quaid Burkholder. The Sun Devils were able to squeeze in one last goal 30 seconds before the end of the game, but it didn’t stop Venom’s victory 13-9

The next away game for the Strathmore Junior Venom lacrosse team is coming up on June 16 against the Olds Stingers.