It is almost that time of year again for the Strathmore Municipal Library’s Halloween Costume Exchange. The exchange has been going on for few years now only stopping due to COVID but was brought back by the library because of the communities' response to it. 

How it works is that residents can bring in their old costumes and accessories in the days that are leading up to the event and they will receive a ticket. Then on the day of the event, all the costumes will be laid out and people can come with their tickets from their trade ins and get another customer.

If you however do not have a costume or a ticket, then residents are encouraged to come as well but will have to give a small donation to receive a costume. There are typically 3-400 costumes ranging in from baby size to adult size.  

Assistant Director of Library Services Laura Henderson said that it is a really popular event that has been received really well by the community especially with the kids.

"They grow out of a costume and then don't need it anymore. It gives you an opportunity to trade it out for something new. We try to do it a few weeks ahead of Halloween, so it gives people time, and we don't know what we're going to have. So, it is all about coming and taking a look."

The exchange is happening on October 7 at the Strathmore Municipal Library.

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