The Strathmore Municipal Library recently honoured a board member for serving 20 years on the board of directors.

Gary Jensen started volunteering with the library in 2003, by trade he is a social worker and has always had a passion for serving the community. 

Councillor Melissa Langmaid attended the awards presentation and spoke on behalf of Mayor Fule.

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the decades of volunteerism, not only with the library but around town, because the library hasn't been the only project you've worked on,” Langmaid said.

Throughout the years, Jensen was a part of many big projects for the library, such as renovations, events, and hiring decisions.

Councillor Denise Peterson attended the event too. She also worked on the board of directors with Jensen and spoke about her experience volunteering with him.

“I am so grateful for you and your family. I hope that going forward we carry the spirit and that willingness to help in the community,” Peterson said.

Jensen was presented with a plaque engraved with his name that will hang permanently on the Municipal Library's walls, paying tribute to his dedication to volunteerism.

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