Water restrictions have been issued effective August 15 due to continued dry conditions and record low natural flow levels on the Bow and Elbow Rivers. The City of Calgary will issue Stage 1 mandatory outdoor water restrictions under the Water Utility Bylaw (40M2006). This measure will help proactively manage Calgary’s water supply needed in the Glenmore Reservoir to sustain the city over the winter and into the spring, given that Environment Canada is predicting a warm and dry winter. 

The City also said in a statement that in addition it will also support river health and their neighbours downstream who depend on the river. Drinking water quality remains high as this is an issue of water quantity, not quality.

When the Director of Water Services declares outdoor water restrictions in The City of Calgary, regional customers, including Strathmore, shall impose compulsory restrictions as part of your Master Servicing Agreement with The City of Calgary. It is up to each specific official to determine the actions required by its residents and businesses. 

The Town of Strathmore has implemented stage 1 outdoor restrictions today (August 15) and they will remain in effect until further notice. You can find all the details by visiting Strathmore.ca/WaterConservation

The town has been taking steps to voluntarily decrease water usage, including limiting watering of green spaces and using automatic shut-off nozzles for hand watering. Drought conditions have persisted, and the town does encourage residents to voluntarily decrease water usage wherever possible, these below activities are now restricted:

  • Using a sprinkler to water lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs is limited to one day per week, based on your property address. Visit Strathmore.ca/WaterConservation to find your watering day.
  • Washing outdoor surfaces including windows, sidewalks and building exteriors 
  • Washing a car in the driveway or street 
  • Filling fountains and other outdoor decorative features

Exceptions are available for health and safety and core business needs. Additionally, while Stage 1 restrictions are in effect, watering using handheld watering can or hose with shut-off spray, watering new grass or seed, and filling an outdoor pool or hot tub are permitted any day, any time. Find more details at Strathmore.ca/WaterConservation

An excerpt from the Master Servicing Agreement stated the the City of Calgary will be advising non-Calgary residents to check with their local authority for details on the water restrictions that apply where they live and work.

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