The Provincial Government has issued orders to enforce social distancing policies and has given authority to local Peace officers and to the RCMP officers of the Strathmore detachment to issue warnings, fines, and even criminal charges if the situation warrants it.   During the report Staff Sargent Dale Morgan gave to the councilors during last the last meeting he noted some calls that they had to attend.  Morgan recounts the incidents, "To date, the Strathmore RCMP has had two calls for service from the public for COVID.  The important thing people should realize is that it is an Alberta Health led incident.  They are the primary agency responsible for investigations, but we do try and assist them when the calls come in, and it is something we can handle."  

The two incidents were reported by concerned citizens, where one was a house party where a neighbour was worried that they had more than the allowable number of people for a gathering and the other one was about a group of people congregating at the skate park.  In each of those cases, it would be the RCMP's primary role to speak with those individuals and educate them in the AHS protocols.  If they were not compliant they would then refer back to the AHS to follow up with an investigation of their own.

Gathering skateboarders and partying people are not the only concerns.  The Alberta Government has issued orders to deliver test results of individuals that claim to be infected with COVID-19 and then try to infect officers by spitting or other methods of transferring bodily fluids will be dealt with sternly.  Morgan talks about the risk of such actions, "If you attend a call and a person has got a weapon you know how to react, but when you look at something like this that you don't see and you don't know the effects.  Our understanding is that, in the cases where that sort of thing has happened, you are still looking at criminal charges of assault, and if that happened we would proceed accordingly."

If the offence went to that extent it is also possible that that individual would also face any health violations that were committed in the altercation.