The Strathmore Silver Sharks are kicking off the year with an important fundraiser for the club. The Cash Calendar Draw is a key fundraiser that the Silver Sharks do to help raise money to put towards swimmer development and equipment that can be used by all the athletes in the club. This is the fourth year that the club has done the fundraiser. The club will have another fundraiser to kick off the spring. 

The Strathmore Silver Sharks consists of two age groups that swim in the club, a junior level, and a senior level that are separated by age and ability. The senior Silver Sharks will have a swim meet this weekend at the Repsol Sports Centre in Calgary and the junior Silver Sharks will have their next swim meet in Cochrane next weekend.

Every swim meet is important to the Silver Sharks as they travel all over southern Alberta to compete at swim meets and some of the senior Silver Sharks will travel farther than that if they qualify. Carla Nott, President of the Strathmore Silver Sharks Organization explains, "there's a provincial standard that's set out by Swim Canada and if our swimmers achieve those standards then they can qualify to attend other meets or provincial level meets." Nott went on to say the short course season attends provincials in February in a 25-metre pool and the long course provincials take place in May or June in a 50-metre pool.