The Strathmore Spartans had a tough game over the weekend.

Kicking off zone seedings, the Spartans lost to Holy Trinity Academy 50-0. 

Head Coach, Danny Warrack, told StrathmoreNow he was disappointed in his team.  

"The other team was ready to play. We weren't. We had a really poor effort other than a few select guys. A lot of guys quit from the first play, they were complaining about the field conditions and such. We have a lot of soul-searching to do before the next game." 

The Spartans go up against Cochrane this week and as Warrack explains, if they don't win, the season is over. 

"I'm calling out most of my Grade 12 guys here and they need to step it up a lot and give this team a chance this week."

Warrack says his team will be practicing outside on the wet field in preparation for the big game. 

"We are going to get pretty physical and work on tackling stuff in the open field."

His other focus will be mental toughness.

The Spartans play Cochrane at 5 p.m. on Friday (November 3). 

"Win or lose, I want to see some good effort. I want to see a good battle." 

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