Strathmore Value Drug Mart's annual Tools for Schools event saw all 6 elementary schools in Strathmore receive a big box full of supplies!

Value Drug Mart owner Stacie Morck explained this year got off to a bit of a rocky start, as they weren't sure who was going to partner with them, but ultimately decided to push forward with it anyways. The late start meant that donations were much lower than previous years; $265.39 was donated, along with some supplies.

While the amount was lower than expected, Morck still wanted to deliver a great event, so Strathmore Value Drug Mart took it upon themselves to donate $5000 out of their own pocket.

"We sponsored the kids. Each child got $50 to their name, we had 27 children that came in and got to pick out their supplies. On top of that, we did another $3650 out of our pocket in retail to make sure all the kids were set up. Each school that is in elementary are all getting a donation box," Morck said.

She added the store is happy to help out whenever they can, and enjoys the opportunity to support the community.

"When I called these schools, they were ecstatic to find out they would be getting some more supplies. Obviously times are tough, so we just wanted to give a little bit of extra to each school."

As for what the school received, they got a big box full of items like bulk crayons, lunch boxes, 3 sets of headphones per school, Crayola sleeping bags for school draws, and a lot more.

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