A Strathmore teenager had a gun pointed at them on Tuesday night in Kinsmen Park.

Strathmore RCMP Detachment Commander Staff Sergeant Mark Wielgosz told StrathmoreNow the person with the gun has been identified and the gun has been recovered.

Upon further investigation, Wielgosz said it was an airsoft handgun.

Police reported the incident as an altercation between a group of teenagers and an individual -- it wasn't a random act of violence.

"This was an isolated matter," said Wielgosz. "We are involved at this point to ensure that this situation doesn't repeat itself."

He added charges have not been laid and expects a resolution to the incident in the near future.

"There won't be any random acts of this continuing. We know who the person is and we've recovered the replica firearm." 

Showing a replica gun can still carry charges.

"It's still an offense to produce a replica firearm simply because people don't know if it's a firearm or not. So there are potential charges that could stem as a result of that or simply possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose, particularly in a public place." 

This incident was made public on Facebook groups like "(The Original) I Love Strathmore."

"I'm not diminishing or calling into question some of the information that was provided (on Facebook), but there's always more circumstances to the situation at hand. I'm just speaking generally, it's always best to seek out trusted sources of information and to seek verified information before coming up to a final determination. I'm not making any excuses for what occurred or what was reported on social media, but the first stop should be reports of suspicious activity to the police, particularly if it appears to be something that's dangerous or happening in real-time."

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