Each summer after the Strathmore Stampede wraps up and before the start of High School Rodeo, cowboys and cowgirls descend on the Strathmore and District Agricultural grounds for Rodeo School.

The 2022 Rodeo School takes place from August 15th to 18th.

Avery Aleman, Summer Admin for the Strathmore & District Agricultural Society and one of the main organizers of rodeo school said, “I think the environment is great. The coaches are amazing and there's so much knowledge that goes towards helping the young cowboys and cowgirls that are coming up now.”

This year, the school will also be including the breakaway roping category, which was recently added to the Pro Rodeo circuit.

“They're trying to get some girls involved in the rodeo a little bit more other than just the one event for the barrel racing, so that was definitely one of our biggest things that was new and exciting this year for the rodeo school,” said Aleman

The events featured at this year’s school are saddle bronc, bareback, bull riding, bull fighting, barrel racing, and breakaway roping.

Coaches and instructors this year include

  • Bull Riding- Scott Schiffner, Donny Johansen, Dale Johansen, Bruce Johansen

  • Saddle Bronc-Clay Elliot and Skeeter Thurston

  • Bareback-Jake Vold and Matt Laitt

  • Barrel Racing-Raylee Edwards

  • Bull Fighting-Levi Hale and Brett Monea

  • Breakway-Mark Nugent

She explained that while rodeo school is mostly geared towards the high school rodeo kids, they do welcome everyone, even those starting from scratch.

“If someone wanted to come check it out and see if they like it or not, we definitely welcome them,” she said.

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