Strathmore and Wheatland County residents were recognized on Sunday at a ceremony to honour those who make a great impact in their community as they have given back over the years.                                                                          

The Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal (Alberta) was created to mark the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty’s accession to the throne as Queen of Canada. To celebrate this historic event, the Medal recognizes outstanding service from Albertans who have dedicated themselves to family, community, and country. 

Lynne Fair and Denise Peterson were nominated and presented with honourary medals at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Calgary on Sunday afternoon. 

Fair was grateful and surprised to have received such an honour.

“It was a beautifully organized event, it went like clockwork. I got word of it back in October. A gentleman (Johnathan Strathdee) from the town of Strathmore, he just phoned me one day and said there was this medal presentation and just said my name had been put forward.”

Upon receiving the medal Fair said that there was also a small reading done about each recipient and what hers said was very heartwarming.

“When we registered we were handed a card that had our seat number on it and the little blurb when we went up the stage, it was handed to the lady who was doing the announcing.” 

Fair’s piece read, “Lynne has exemplified commitment to community and love of history and has been an active member of her community.  She is recognized for volunteering for the United Church and the Seniors Advisory Committee. and being a founding member of both the Vault Cultural Collective and the Western District Historical Society, she owns an impressive collection of Queen Elizabeth II memorabilia, which is currently on display at the Vault Cultural Collective.”

Fair said that recently she did have her collection on display but that has since been taken down.  After years of service, there is no sign of slowing down for Fair who loves to give back and to serve her community and those around her.  

Current Town Councillor Denise Peterson had not expected to see herself be recognized for this honour.

"I had nominated Lynne, and then very much a surprise to me, Melissa Langmaid through town council brought forward my name."

Peterson has worked for many years with organizations throughout Strathmore, Wheatland County and Siksika Nation and believes the lifeblood of every small community is the people and working together.

"For me, it is an incredibly humbling experience because you're only as good as the people in your community allow you to be. It is a huge privilege when people let you work on their behalf."

Peterson's piece read, "Denise's career as an educator focused on providing disadvantaged youths access to education.  Her passion was the driving force behind the establishment of outreach schools in Strathmore and Gleichen. Denise volunteers with many programs, including Wheatland Housing and Project H.O.P.E."

All of the Mayors from the Municipalities in Alberta were also presented with honourary medals, including Strathmore Mayor Pat Fule, Rockyford Mayor Darcy Burke, Standard Mayor Marting Gauthier, Hussar Mayor Leslie Schultz.   Along with Lynne Fair, and Denise Peterson there were others recognized from Wheatland County,  Pam Collet from Hussar and Odo Melcher from Rockyford 

A full list of recipients from across the province can be found here.

award Denise Peterson receiving her award (Photo courtesy of Denise Peterson)

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