Kids are headed back to virtual learning this week due to enhanced COVID-19 restrictions across Alberta.  

While most kids are used to the drill already, there are still some students that are stressed about heading back home.  

Crystal Wahl, Family Liason for Holy Cross Collegiate

Crystal Wahl, Family Liason Worker at Holy Cross Collegiate explained that there is an advantage to having done this before. She advised that students can figure out what would make life easier for them by looking back on the last time they had to learn at home.  

“I do think one of the things that are helpful is they've all done it before. They can ask themselves what was really hard last time? What went well last time? So, they have a chance to voice some of the worries that they might have about going back.” 

Wahl works with high school-aged students so she said that it will be different for younger students going back to virtual learning. For the older kids though, she explained that sticking to their regular routine is a great idea.  

“We need to get outside and get fresh air. To just get up, stumble out of bed - which is what most of the high school kids are doing – and zoom right in, they have not even got any oxygen which they would have if they're coming to school. So, I think parents need to really remind them to get outside and just walk up and down the street or do something to get some fresh air in their lungs.” 

For those who are really struggling with feeling isolated, or lacking the in-person support they regularly get at school, Wahl explained that talking with someone is the best way to feel better. Often leaving emotions all bottled up can really lead down a harmful path.  

“By far the best person is who they see as their support outside of their immediate family. Grandparents, a neighbour, who are the other people that they have? And we always tell them we're available. As a counsellor, I always tell them I'm still here even though you're not.” 

Students will be learning online for the next three weeks to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in schools and in communities.