A succession planning specialist says, staying curious is a key to success.

Founder of Farm Life, Darrell Wade, gave a presentation at the Canadian Beef Industry Conference in London, Ontario last week during the Young Cattlemen's Council's Annual General Meeting.

Wade says, it's important the younger generation coming into the farm asks lots of questions to open up the conversation.

"I think the big part of it is to respect these stories, these traditions, and these values that have brought the family to where it is today, which shows that you're not just there for the business, that you're there for the family and that family farm business."

He says, he has seen many families with dysfunctional communication.

"The communication is quite often in the barn, or as they pass each other on a piece of equipment, and the best, most successful families actually have a place where it's safe and they respect everyone's voice."

 Wade adds, one of the biggest challenges people face when planning for the future is finding a place to start, and their team of experts works to help families get the discussions going.

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