It's almost time to kick back, relax and enjoy a special evening at the theatre.

The incredible actors from Rosebud Theatre will be performing Little Women: The Broadway Musical starting on June 7.

According to Artistic Director Morris Ertman, the show features a family's story, which will be brought to life on stage.

"They can expect to be absolutely smitten by the music. There are times where it's like the hair on the back of my arms is standing up because they sound so amazing."

Ertman says it's not just about the music, as the show features a fine ensemble of actors coming from across Alberta.

"Many from Calgary, one from Edmonton. Several of our own company actors here in Rosebud. A young student who is very, very fine from Rosebud School of the Arts."

There are 10 actors and two orchestra members that help make up the ensemble.

Ertman says he's excited for the upcoming shows, which he mentioned is for the whole family, "Not just for women and daughters. It's a show for guys as well." 

For more information on the upcoming production, you can visit here.