The Town of Strathmore is helping the City of Calgary to accommodate residents of the Northwest Territories who have been evacuated due to wildfires.

Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) has activated their Municipal Emergency Plan which allows the City to accept and accommodate displaced residents affected by the fires.

Marketing Coordinator Scott Garnett explained that The Town of Strathmore along with many other municipalities are partnered with CEMA but their current involvement is limited with this current situation is limited at the moment.  

"The Town of Strathmore is not providing any financial or administrative support to the City of Calgary." 

Calgary has committed to helping as many as 5,000 people find shelter and additional support as the firefight in the north continues. The Calgary Emergency Management Agency has activated the Municipal Emergency Plan to allow better coordination in accepting and accommodating displaced residents.

"CEMA has a list of hotels that they utilize for emergencies such as this and some of the additional hotels may be located in Strathmore or other partner municipalities. To our knowledge, the City activated plans to use additional hotels in the region. However, evacuees may be in the area staying with friends and family in Strathmore."

Evacuees are encouraged to register with the City of Calgary. Please note that should evacuees be accommodated in Strathmore it would be in local hotels based on availability.

The City of Calgary has notified all regional partners that they have the capacity and ability to support evacuees without additional assistance. Calgary has requested that no donations be brought to their reception centres in Calgary as they are not set up to take donations and get them to those who could benefit.

Any local resident or organization seeking to help can direct offers of service/support to The City of Calgary. You can also check the Government of the Northwest Territories website for recommended organizations to donate to or find a local campaign that you would like to support.

If you find yourself in need of immediate assistance, Strathmore’s Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Team is always ready to help the community or those who find themselves in Strathmore, during crisis situations.

You can also connect with Strathmore FCSS by calling (403) 934-9090 or by visiting their office in the Strathmore Municipal Building. 

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