The West Wheatland 4-H show and sale is set for June 7 at the Rockyford rodeo grounds. They have got 19 steers and 9 sheep that are going to be at the show and sale.

President of the Rockyford 4-H Beef Club Steven Newell said the club has been doing really well this year. 

"Everyone has been doing their parts and if they do miss stuff then they always find a way to make up for it and it has been a really good way for them to help."

There are around 19 members of the Rockyford 4-H Beef Club, and they mainly focus on Beef Steers as opposed to anything else.

Newell says that his only goal for the show is that everyone can get to the show and do what they need to do and get home safe.

The show starts at 11, lunch is at 1 and then the sales start at 2.

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