Westmount School held its annual Princess-Warrior Pageant on Wednesday, October 26. The princess contest has long been a part of school tradition, but this is just the second time they've held the warrior portion as well.

Meagan Big Snake, the FNMI (First Nations, Metis, Inuit) Liaison at Westmount School, explained the pageant features FNMI students running to become either the princess or warrior and from there the winners would represent the school at different events and powwows. She said the pageant itself has many different components to it.

"They are required to have a written portion that is marked, and they have an introduction that they need to prepare and speak in front of the pageant, and also impromptu questions and a dance portion. They are showcasing the different styles of powwow that they dance, and it's a very proud moment, it's a big moment. It's a scary moment too, but they're excited to show this school that they can be ambassadors at these events and powwows," she said.

FNMI danceMakelti Brown, one of the princess contestants, dancing

Big Snake added the annual pageant is a really great way to celebrate the diverse culture we have in our community.

"It is very important because it brings a sense of community and we're showcasing culture, and our school is amazing because I feel like we're very diverse and we are very proud of all the different cultures that come from our students and everyone's backgrounds. It's amazing to be connected to Siksika and other tribes, we have Blackfoot powwow students in our pageant, we have Métis and we have Cree so it's an amazing opportunity to have them all together and to let them showcase their culture, heritage, and to be proud of it."

FNMI danceHouston Big Snake, winner of the warrior pageant, dancing

It's not just the FNMI students that get involved, it's an entire school event. Grade 4 students watched the pageant, and the 19 Westmount Chief and Council students and Tribal Support Committee students were also involved. Of the Chief and Council students, 10 are non-FNMI, while the Tribal Support Committee is entirely non-FNMI.

"It's a great opportunity for everyone, and for the month leading up to it students are taught about powwow and culture, and then after this, the new Princess and Warrior will be introduced to each of the classes today."

This year's winners are Princess Otter Crow Chief and Warrior Houston Big Snake, congratulations to them and all the students that participated in the pageant!

Pageant WinnersThis year's winners, Princess Otter Crow Chief and Warrior Houston Big Snake with Elder Dr. Clarence Wolf Leg Senior

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