A Strathmore resident is delighting the public with stories read by herself and her family. Telisa Tebbutt is the creator behind the Youtube channel Storytime with Telisa. Tebbutt, along with her children Piper, Parker, and Pierson gather together to read some of their favourite books with the world.

"What inspired me to start my YouTube channel, Storytime with Telisa, is I have been dabbling in YouTube for a while now and I have really enjoyed it. I wanted to do something that involved my kids, like a little side project. Also, for my kids, I wanted them to see that they can do something like that too. It boils down to a creative thing for me."

YouTube has become a new medium for kids to watch, learn, and connect with others. New kid-friendly content is constantly being uploaded to the site, and Tebbutt wanted to contribute to the site in her own way.

"When I let my kids watch YouTube, I like it to be not just a TV show. I searched for storytime, and we found this one channel, and it was cute and nice but it felt more like a kindergarten class," Tebbutt continued. "I like to speak to my children like they are grown adults to some degree, and I thought to myself, why don't we actually start that?"

Tebbutt currently has seven videos up on her channel and is looking to grow it as time goes on. She hopes that other parents who may not have the time to read to their children will be drawn to her channel.

"I like to laugh, so I hope they find some humour in it. I hope that it could possibly be comforting to some people," she explained.

The family's recent video features the book "How To Catch Santa" by Jean Reagan which can be found on Storytime with Telisa's Youtube Channel.