Prime Minister Justin Trudeau provided more details regarding his "Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy" Program on Monday, March 20.

As long as the criteria are met Trudeau said just about every type of business in Canada will be able to access the fund.

"If your business revenues have decreased by at least 30 per cent because of COVID-19 you'll be eligible for this subsidy. The number of employees will determine whether or not you get this support. It will apply to nonprofit organizations and charities as well as companies both big and small."

Trudeau went on to provide information for employees who have an employer who may be affected by the current situation and reiterated that the government is here to assist them.

"If you work for a company that has been impacted by COVID-19, the government will cover up to 75 per cent of your salary on the first $58,700 dollars that you earn. That means up to $847 a week."

Along with addressing the employees across Canada, Trudeau continued and addressed employers and advised caution to employers who may take advantage of the system, "We are trusting you to do the right thing. If you have the means to pay the remaining 25 per cent that's not covered by the subsidy, please do so. And if you think this is a system you think you can take advantage of or "game." Don't. There will be serious consequences for those who do."

Trudeau maintains his stance that in this time of uncertainty that we are in that a situation as unprecedented as this calls for unprecedented action and that there be good faith and trust between everyone involved.