Art and fitness enthusiast can now have their favourite pastimes combined with the Vital Patterns art exhibit at the Strathmore Motor Products Sports Centre.  

Marcie Brinton, Sports Centre Manager, explained that the exhibit was a happy accident they weren’t expecting.  

“George Freeman School was on a cancellation list to have a travelling art exhibit display their art along the Sobeys Indoor walking track. There was a last-minute cancellation and they were able to book the Vital Patterns Exhibit. This exhibit features 16 pieces of artwork from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. These pieces are mounted around the West end of the track.” 

The exhibit shows patterns that naturally occur in nature, and how they can tell a story about what has happened around on.  

“This was all Jill McDonald's vision. Jill is the associate principal at George Freeman School and she had approached me back in May earlier this year with the idea to book one of the exhibits,” Brinton continued. “Unfortunately, at that time, just due to the high demand, all the exhibits were booked by other communities.” 

There was a last-minute cancellation and the sports centre jumped at their chance to showcase the exhibit. 

“The Sobeys Indoor walking track is open seven days a week from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. We also have copies of the exhibit guide at the front desk of the Strathmore Motor Product Sports Center as well. For those that are interested, the exhibit guide explains the 16 pieces and provides further information on what the Vital Patterns exhibit is all about.” 

Admission to the track is $2.25 and will be at the track until December 8.