How many people will be watching the Superbowl?

According to a recent survey more than half of Canadians! Nearly 53 per cent say they are taking it in. Roughly double the figure from six years ago. 

As usual, most of the Canadian audience won’t see the highlight of the broadcast... Those super-expensive Super Bowl commercials. This year, an ad during the game is estimated at more than $7 million for 30 seconds! 

Luckily for us Canucks … a bunch of the companies have their ads already up on YouTube so we up in the Great White North can take in the biggest TV advertising day of the year.

M&M’s: ‘Pause’ for spokes candies

FanDuel ‘kick of destiny’

Crown Royal: Dave Grohl

Budweiser: Six degrees

Downy Unstopables

Heineken and Ant-Man

Doritos: Love triangle


PopCorners: Breaking Bad


Pringles: Meghan Trainor


Michelob Ultra: Caddyshack


Avocados from Mexico: Anna Faris


Workday: Ozzy Osbourne