Siksika Nation has announced their first ever 3D concrete housing project. This will be the largest 3D housing project in Canada up to date. This will be a big step towards sustainable, affordable, and innovative housing solutions for Siksika Nation.

The project is named "Kakatoosoyiists” which means Star Lodges and according to Siksika Knowledge Keeper Eldon Weasel Child he says that in their stories the stars provide guidance, sense of direction, protection and life lessons. 

"These are some of the good intentions that we have for the future tenants of the homes."

There will be 16 traditional homes that will be built in collaboration from Nidus3D, University of Calgary School of Architecture and Planning and Siksika Housing. This project is going to be aimed at addressing the housing challenges while also celebrating indigenous culture and heritage. 

Siksika Housing Manager Ryan Hall explains that the 3D printing technology offers a game changing opportunity to deliver affordable housing by reducing construction costs and timelines. 

"This project is going to make it so that there will be more housing available to people than ever before. It will allow us to customize the design to reflect the uniqueness of our community and its people." 

These homes that will be built are designed with sustainability in mind. The innovative construction method minimizes waste, reduces carbon emissions, and utilizes locally sourced materials, aligning with both environmental and community values.

Siksika Nation Demonstration of what a 3D house will look like in the summer time. 

Siksika Nations Chief Operating Officer Van Le said that Siksika is facing a severe housing crisis that impacts both on and off-reserve areas and in response to that Siksika Nation is actively exploring innovative solutions to address the housing shortage.

"It is clear that traditional problem-solving approaches may fall short, necessitating us to expand our perspectives and think creatively to meet the housing needs of First Nations communities."

Le expands by saying in cities such as Calgary, like many other bustling urban centers, residents are grappling with rapidly increasing rental markets, further complicating the issue.

"Numerous individuals and families are returning and seeking housing solutions within their communities. The 3D project emerges as a promising endeavor capable of providing immediate relief for urgent housing needs. Concurrently, it affords us the essential time to strategize and implement sustainable, long-term housing solutions." 

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