Strathmore Lions gifted Wheatland Leos a $5000 donation to fund activities in Alberta for Lions youth exchange this summer.

In July, 20 youths from all over the world and 10 Alberta students will be going to an international camp through the Wood Creek Lions Club. During the camp, students will spend two weeks at the host family's house and one week at camp.

Host families take the students on excursions and show them around the province of Alberta.

Cheryl Davidson, a member of the Wood Creek Lions Club and Wheatland Leos advisor discussed the importance of this donation to the club.

All of Davidson's children went on international exchanges, so their family always takes two students to stay with them during the exchange in the summer.

“I've tried to give back by hosting kids that come here. I love our beautiful province, so I try to take them everywhere from Edmonton, Waterton, Banff, Drumheller,” Davidson said.  

Davidson, a teacher, has the summer months off and can show the exchange students around the province, but she discovered that not all hosts' parents can give the same experience if they are working in the summer.

Being the advisor of the Wheatland Leos, she thought it would be nice if they could organize some experiences for the exchange students to help the host families save money and equalize the opportunities for all the children.

The Strathmore Lions donated $5000 to the Wheatland Leos to make this a possibility.

The Leos are currently planning the activities but want to take the students to Blackfoot Crossing, Drumheller Museum, Horseshoe Canyon, and Wyndham Park and show them around Strathmore High School and the community.

There will be about 40 kids who will be a part of this, and the donation will allow all students to have an equal opportunity to tour around and see Alberta.

“The Lions Club gives so much to their communities, and I want the Leos to see the benefits of giving back to their community and the joys of being of service and helping others. There are so many life lessons and skills you can gain from volunteering,” Davidson said.

Davidson's daughter has been accepted to do a Lions youth exchange in Finland and is sponsored by the Strathmore Lions.

The Strathmore Lions are still accepting applications if any youth are interested in spending three weeks to a month in another country. 

Anyone curious about the application process or wanting more information can reach out to Brad Walls at 

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