E-scooters have taken off across the province, and have become a major form of transportation for many communities. With the primary use for e-scooters being to cover a walkable distance at a much faster speed, could we see them come to Strathmore in the near future?

Town of Strathmore's Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Scoble explained it's being considered, but there are many other factors to take in as well. Restructuring bylaws would be one aspect to consider, as well as the Town's overall transportation plans.

“The Town is undertaking an active transportation plan over the next while which considers all modes of transportation (pedestrians, bicycles, etc.) besides vehicles and public transit.   The active transportation plan is then incorporated into the Master Transportation Plan," Scoble said.

Part of the active transportation plan could include e-scooters, which Scoble says "Could provide an alternative means of transportation for residents," but would first have to look into how viable it is for the town and how it fits into the active transportation plan.

"Considering e-scooters in isolation as an active transportation mode and before completion of the active transportation plan could impact efficiency and effectiveness of all other transportation modes in Strathmore." 

For e-scooters to be implemented, Scoble explained Town administration would first have to create bylaw amendments for the development, implementation, and operations for the program. After that, the bylaw amendments would be presented to Town Council, where they would have to approve it before the administration begins implementation. 


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