Strathmore is gearing up to stick it to cancer one more this year.

Strathmore will host the Enbridge Tour Alberta for Cancer for another year.

Last year, $5.9 million was raised for Albertans fighting a cancer diagnosis; this year, the goal is to raise $6 million.

84-year-old Strathmore local Doug Ridson will be riding in the event in honour of his wife and members of his family who have fought and are still fighting cancer. 

"My wife is now cured; I like to say I am riding for cancer in the past and the present."

Earlier this month, Krystal Clements, director of events and community outreach for the Alberta Cancer Foundation, presented the ride results from last year's event with Strathmore's Town Council.

"Last year, we had over 1,200 riders and 300 volunteers, and we raised $5.9 million for Albertans facing cancer. Each of our 1,200 participants signed up to raise $2,500 and committed to cycling 60-100 kilometers a day for two days," she said.

Clements then said that Risdon has a big fanbase at the foundation.

"I am quite proud that our oldest rider, Doug Risdon, is 84 years old, from right here in Strathmore, and has quite a fan club at the foundation."

Risdon has been riding in the Enbridge Tour Alberta for Cancer for six years. 

"I will ride for it here in Strathmore as long as I can, and if it moves somewhere else, then I may also go there."

At last year's ride, Wendy Beauchesne, CEO of the Alberta Cancer Foundation, expressed that she is beyond grateful for every cyclist, donor, and partner, including the people at Enbridge, who have dedicated their time and resources to making a difference.

"When I think about this legendary ride's impact on our community since its inauguration, I am incredibly touched. Over the past 15 years, the tour has contributed over $90 million to cancer research and care across Alberta, and we know that that kind of impact takes a village," Beauchesne expressed. 

Risdon's team consists of Ed Lausen, Dale Cockx, and him. 

Their team, 'The Sodbusters,' has raised $27,115 for the foundation.  

"Last year, we originally participated in raising funds to help find more successful treatments and, ultimately, a cure for cancer. By the end of the ride, we added another reason why this event was so important. It is to help build a better community of support and awareness," the donation page says. 

The Enbridge Tour Alberta is the biggest cycling fundraiser for Albertans battling cancer.

Right now, the ride has raised $3,977,146, which is more than halfway to its goal of $6 million. Since the event started in 2010, it has raised more than $90 million for cancer research. 

The ride will take place from July 20-21 at the Strathmore Ag Grounds.

To donate, visit the Enbridge Tour Alberta for Cancer website. 

sodbustersDoug Risdon came into studio to talk with the team at Strathmore Now. 

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