A recent survey from Researchco revealed close to two-thirds of Canadians support speeding ticket fines based on the disposable income of the driver.

This "progressive punishment" system is already used in Finland and Switzerland, and in Finland the disposable income of the driver and the speed they were driving factor into the fine.

65% of Canadians are in favour, while 24% are opposed and 11% are undecided. Alberta is the province with the lowest support, with 59% of Albertans in favor of progressive punishment.

“Canadians in the highest income bracket are decidedly more dissatisfied with the concept of progressive punishment for speeding tickets,” says Mario Canseco, President of Research Co. “Opposition to this course of action among Canadians who live in households earning more than $100,000 a year reaches 34%, 10 points higher than the national average.”

58% of Canadians also supported this system for unpaid parking tickets.

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