October 21 was a busy day all over Canada with people bustling to the polls! 

Bow River riding saw around 54,300 voters, and the choice was clear that Conservative MP Martin Shields would be re-elected.. 

Around 27 million Canadians were eligible to vote in the Federal Election. Approximately 17.9 million ended up voicing their opinion at the polls. That translates to 65.95 per cent, but does not include the people who registered on election day. The 2015 election had 68.3 per cent of eligible voters, but only had a turn out of 17.7 million. It's still higher than a turn out of 14.8-million (61.1 per cent) in 2011. 

Advance polls turnout beat the record from 2015 with roughly 4.7 million electors, a 29 per cent increase. 

Campus's across Canada saw 111,300 people at the 119 temporary Elections Canada offices open between Saturday, October 5 and Wednesday, October 9, and an additional 34,324 people voted by mail from abroad.

Elections Canada had 503 offices open across the country and 365 ordinary polling stations on reserves. They hired approximately 300,000 people to help with the election across Canada's 338 electoral districts.