Some homes may use plastic pipes that go out the side of your house as opposed to a metal chimney that goes out the roof.

Here are some tips to keep the pipes from freezing in these frigid temperatures. 

  • If you have an exhaust pipe in your home, ensure it's kept clear and free of any ice or snow.
  • Set regular reminders on your phone or calendar to ensure it's clear, particularly after snowfalls or during particularly cold temperatures.
  • Also, ensure you have working carbon monoxide detectors placed appropriately throughout your home.
  • Let cold water drip from faucets served by exposed pipes.
  • Seal cracks in walls or floors near pipes that could let in cold air.
  • Wrap pipes in foam insulation, heat tape, or heat cables.

As neighbours, it's simple to look out for one another. If you notice someone's exhaust pipe has become blocked or iced over, clear it for them or let them know immediately!

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