Alberta Wheat Commission Cash Advance Program Coming Soon

The Alberta Wheat Commission will be launching a cash advance program for producers starting September 1st.

The loan program will be through FarmCash under Agriculture and Agri-food Canada's federal Advance Payments Program.

The program provides farmers with easy access to low-interest cash advances up to $400,000 per program year, with the Government paying the interest on the first $100,000.

For more information, you can visit the Alberta Wheat Commission's website.


Market Access for B.C. Cherries

Canada's Agriculture Minister, Lawrence MacAulay, announced the Government has secured market access for B.C. fresh cherry exports to Japan.

Industry experts say, fresh cherry exports to Japan could be worth up to $8 million annually.


Succession Planner Gives Advice to the Next Generation

A succession planning specialist says, staying curious is a key to success.

Founder of Farm Life, Darrell Wade, says it's important for the younger generation coming into the farm to ask lots of questions to open up the conversation.

Wade says, they often see families who usually just talk in passing, but the most successful families have open communication and an appreciation for the other generation.

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Your Agriflash Fun Fact!

Your Monday Agriflash Fun Fact is from Ag More Than Ever.

They says, beef production practices support habitat for 1,000 animal and insect species on rangeland.


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