Alberta’s government aims to provide vulnerable and low-income Albertans with secure, stable, and affordable housing, and housing providers play a pivotal role in fulfilling this commitment.

In Budget 2024, the government has pledged an additional $21 million in operating funding for housing providers, bringing the total allocation to $75 million for the fiscal year 2024-25.

This increased funding will enable housing providers to maintain operational capacity, covering essential expenses such as utilities, supplies, and staffing.

Minister of Seniors, Community, and Social Services Jason Nixon affirms the government's support for housing providers: "Housing providers are the backbone of Alberta’s affordable housing system, and our government is firmly in their corner."

With over 110,000 Albertans residing in more than 60,000 government-subsidized homes, the demand for affordable housing continues to escalate alongside the rising cost of living.

“This investment underscores our shared commitment to ensuring that more individuals and families have access to safe and affordable housing," explains Gord Johnston, CEO of Civida Homes.

Johnston says that these additional resources will directly and positively impact the quality of life of the over 15,000 individuals and families living in Civida homes, allowing them to address inflationary pressures better, maintain and renew much-needed affordable homes, and sustain our service delivery. 

Don Herring, chairperson of Westwinds Communities, explains that by investing in the maintenance and operations of Westwinds Communities' community housing program, "We're not just preserving buildings; we're safeguarding dignity, fostering stability, and ensuring that every member of our community has a place to call home."

Regarding accessible and affordable homes in Strathmore, there are currently three multi-unit housing projects in various planning and development stages, two of which are on Centennial Drive.

"Downtown also recently sold two empty properties, and one has the potential for an apartment building," Mayor Pat Fule's Facebook page states. 

Fule also stated in his post that the property at Centennial and Thomas Drive has a Public Hearing scheduled for this Spring. It is proposed that two apartment buildings and one smaller one be built for child care. 

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