Statistics Canada's August 2023 Labour Force Survey revealed that Alberta's economy is continuing to trend upwards, as our province leads the nation in employment growth.

In August, 17,700 Albertans found employment. Dating back to August 2022, close to 100,000 new jobs were created.

“Long term, the employment trends are favourable too. In the last 12 months, Alberta’s employment has grown by 4.1 per cent, above the national average of 2.5 per cent," Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade Matt Jones said.

The increase in employment coincides with recent investments expected to bring thousands of additional jobs. We can see this on a micro-level with Wheatland County, as the investments we've seen recently are expected to bring thousands of jobs. Among these are the Phyto Organix Plant, De Havilland Air Field, CGC's wallboard manufacturing plant, and many more. Jones believes the provincial government's policies have attracted these investments, and says the government "will continue to create an investment-friendly environment that encourages new employment growth and ensures Albertans can count on good jobs for years to come.”

Jones added Alberta's job growth directly correlates to the province's improving economy, and he believes if this continues we could see some relief against continuously rising prices.

"Alberta’s inflation rate has generally been below the national average – while average weekly earnings are seven per cent higher than the national average."

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