The commanding officer of the Alberta RCMP says they are future-focused and flexible, changing as the safety and security needs of Albertans change.

He also says its budget and staffing levels are determined by the Alberta government, and that its provincial policing priorities are developed with the province's oversight and approval.

Last night, Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki issued a statement in response to the release of the Alberta government's proposed police deployment model should a provincial police force be established.

Zablocki says the proposed framework appears to be very similar to the current model of the Alberta RCMP and that they will be reviewing and analyzing the report in detail.

"Modernizing our force, leveraging technology, and finding new ways of delivering our services more efficiently, combined with collaboration and input from our partners on all levels, drives how we adapt to the needs of the citizens we serve, and respond to modern-day threats and social factors within the province," he states. 

He says the community safety and well-being branch that was stood up earlier this year is just one example of how the RCMP are constantly adjusting our service to meet the demands of Albertans.

"The Alberta RCMP have always been willing to work alongside the Government of Alberta to ensure transparency and accountability in our service delivery. Our budget and staffing levels are determined by the Government of Alberta, the provincial policing priorities are developed with their oversight and approval, and we report on strategic and budget performance measurements on a regular basis."

He says they have open communications and consultation with community leaders and municipal and First Nations organizations.

Additionally, "the Interim Police Advisory Board and Albertans have positioned the Alberta RCMP to continue responding and evolving as a police service. I am grateful for our continued ability to collaborate and work together to address the needs of communities and citizens."

Deputy Commissioner Zablocki says their employees are skilled police professionals, trained to the highest standards based upon over a century of rural policing lessons.

"In addition to these frontline policing skills, our specialized services, including units such as police dog services, forensic identification, and emergency response teams are leaders in their fields, know the geographical realities of Alberta, and are strategically positioned throughout the province. 

Yesterday, Alberta Justice minister and Solicitor General Tyler Shandro released a proposed deployment model for a provincial police force. He says it will put more officers into communities, including lesser populated areas, in part by reducing the size of the RCMP's administrative bureaucracy.

Shandro says the one-size-fits-all model of RCMP community policing has stifled policing reform for decades and that the province wants more say.