Strathmore will see some great world-wide representation in Brazil, as 18 year old Ali Chernoff will be heading to São Paulo for the World Youth Reining Cup on August 26th!

This will be one of many incredible accomplishments for Chernoff. Some of her past accomplishments include being the NRHA Western Canada Affiliate 14-18 Youth Champion in 2021, and the AQHA Canadian National Champion in Reining and Ranch Riding in 2019. She also got to fulfill one of her dreams last year at the NRHA Futurity tournament in Oklahoma!

"I got to go down to Oklahoma last year, which was a really big accomplishment for me too, that was a big dream of mine, so that was really cool for me to go down there," she said.

Reining is similar to dressage, and Chernoff described it as "figure skating horses." She explained that there are many techniques you have to practice with your horse.

"You have your pattern and you need to do circles each way on your horse at different speeds, and spins, sliding stops, and rollbacks. You get a pattern when you go to the show, but then there's so much practice at home with your horse to get them used to being able to do spins at a fast rate, and being able to slow down and the sliding spots are a big thing."

According to Chernoff, reining is different than dressage because the equipment used is different. For example, reining uses a western saddle, and the riders will also wear brighter colors and rhinestones compared to the more plain outfits of dressage. Reining horses are also shorter and stockier than dressage horses.

As Chernoff prepares for Brazil, she said this opportunity is incredibly important to her. She's been riding since she was 8, and started reining 6 years ago. All of her hard work and past accomplishments helped her make it to where she is today.

"It's super special to me. Reining is my passion so it's very exciting. I'm pretty excited to go down and represent Canada, and Strathmore too."

While it's unknown whether reining will be a fulltime career for her, Chernoff is certain that riding and working with horses will always be a part of her life.

"I definitely want to be in the agriculture industry for the rest of my life. I also try my hardest to volunteer right now. I'm the youth delegate for Western Canada and I hope to still be able to volunteer with Reining Alberta for the rest of my life, and shows for the rest of my life."

To help fund the trip, Chernoff is looking for sponsors and donations. She is also hoping for small gifts to share with the other riders and organizers of the tournament. She explained that the tournament will be providing sponsored horses to ride, and she hopes to show them her gratitude with gifts. If she gets more than she needs, she'll use the remainder to make sure the next reiner will be well prepared.

"If we end up getting more sponsorships and donations than we need, we're carrying that over to the next youth that gets to go next year."

If you are interested in helping support Chernoff, you can contact her through her email at

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