Potential new townhouses could be on the way on 9 Bayside Place, as recent amendments more closely align with what the Town of Strathmore would want to build.

When initially presented in March 2023, town council voted against building these townhouses, as they would've been three stories tall which many considered to be too high and a potential invasion of privacy, as people on the third story would be able to see into the backyards of nearby lots. This was among other concerns, including increased traffic and noise.

The Town's Manager of Development Services Chuck Procter gave a presentation outlining some additional details on the project, with the most notable one being an imposed height limit of a maximum of two stories.

"Height is defined as the average vertical distance finished grade and the apex of the roof, measured at the front and rear corners of the building or structure. The current height for a single detached dwelling is 10 meters. So, these folks are proposing, I think, 12 meters," Procter said.

Procter also outlined that construction would be a two-phase project, as he proposes the land is split into two halves and the first half begins construction right away while the second half would be done at a later date.

map9 Bayside Place, the proposed location of these new townhouses
mapA conceptual site plan of what the townhouses would look like, this is not final

Regarding the above conceptual site plan, the northern parcel would be limited to two stories as discussed and would be built at a later date. The southern portion would begin construction immediately, once council gives their approval.

The project will appear in council on June 21 for a public hearing prior to any decisions.

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