It has been reported that gas prices around Strathmore have jumped around 14-16 cents since the start of the week. 

On Wednesday (Feb 7) gas prices were hovering between $1.259 and $1.369 which is an 11-cent leap. Now the prices range from $1.359 to $1.399. 

According to Gas Wizard, gas prices in Calgary and the surrounding areas may jump as high as $1.449 for regular gas. 

As of January 1, the fuel tax would add 9 cents per litre to gasoline and diesel. 

"The provincial oil price-based fuel tax relief program will be reinstated on Jan. 1, which means Albertans will continue to save money at the pumps. The program sets fuel tax rates quarterly based on the average price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI), with a rule limiting rate increases to a maximum of nine cents per litre each quarter," said the President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance Nate Horner in a release. 

"As a result, Albertans will continue to save four cents per litre on gas and diesel in the first three months of 2024, with the fuel tax applied at a reduced rate of nine cents per litre. After that, Albertans will save some or all of the provincial fuel tax when WTI prices average $80 per barrel or higher in each quarterly review period.”

An update is expected before the next quarter ends on March 31 of this year.

As of 11:40 today (Feb 9) the cheapest gas station in Strathmore is Petro-Canada (604 Westmount Rd & Westridge Rd) at $1.349. 

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